Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cruising Cozy Cove and Lake Washington North

The tip of Hunts Point is a vacant lot that is for sale for $20 million.  This site of Stan Sayres home.  Sayres is deceased and was a famous hydroplane developer, builder and racer kown as “The Legend of Lake Washington” and “The Fastest Man Afloat.”
On the east side of the tip is Cozy Cove with Yarrow Point on the east shore of the cove.  The most notable side-by-side waterfront estates on the Hunts Point side belong to Craig McCaw and Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.  McCaw puchased his castle from Kenny G.
The tip of Yarrow Point marks the end of our mansions tour.  The waterfront mansion at the tip is one of the oldest on Lake Washington.  It was built around 1900 and was the home of Leigh Hunt, who founded and owned the Seattle Post Intellingencer.  The estate is currently for sale for $20 million.
North of here is Kirkland with a public marina and a wonderful waterfront town.  The north end of the lake is fun for relaxing and exploring.  At the very north end of the lake there is Kenmore and a marina.  From there small craft can navigate about four miles up the Sammamish River.
(This is the twelfth and final chapter of our “Lake Washington Cruising” article. The chapters are being posted in reverse order.  When all chapters are posted they will be in order in this blog with the first chapter at the top.  I will be posting approximately two chapters per month.  You can read and print an abbreviated pdf version of the entire article.)

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