Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seattle Cruising

I just initiated this blog and it should be up and current within a month.  I am now busy with family holiday and year-end activities and will then have the boat show.  In the meantime you may read and print my printable PDF of “Lake Washington Cruising.”

Seattle Boat Show

Seattle Boat Show Fri 1/21 – Sun 1/30

This is the biggest boat show on the west coast.  (Show hours and location map).  The show features more than 1,000 yachts and boats plus the latest accessories and supplies.  There are more than 200 interesting boating and fishing seminars.

I will be at the show signing copies of his book, playing on HDTV a new multi-media presentation of the Evening Magazine segment on the book plus cruising and the book’s highlights.  Books will be available for purchase and I will be signing them along with an informal Q&A that may include my experiences in photographing the mansions and writing and self publishing this unique book.  Please stop by anytime at Captain’s Nautical Supplies booth – Concourse 2236.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lake Washington Map of the StarsTM

Lake Washington Map of the StarsTM
Map not to scale.
Present and Past Residents/Owners: 

1Howard  Schultz, Starbucks Founder; 2Colin Moseley, Simpson Chairman;  Gary Reed, Former Simpson Chairman; 3 – Former Home of Keith McCaw, Cellular Phone Pioneer;  Rob Glaser, RealNetworks Founder; Peter Rose, Expeditors CEO; 4Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder;  5 – Mercer Island’s newest $28 Million Mansion For Sale; 6 – Lake Washington 2009 Sale, $15.7 Million; 7 –$22 Million For Sale; 8 – $22  Million For Sale, Groat Point; 9Charles Piggott, Former PACCAR CEO; 10Charles Simonyi, The “Windows 2000 House”; 11Nathan Myhrvold, The “T-Rex House”; 12Jeffrey Brotman, Costco Co-Founder; 13 – Mansion sold in 2009 for $22 Million by  William “Gary” Reed, Jr, Former Simpson Chairman; 14Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder; Former Home of Peter La Haye (1940-1999), Cataract Lenses Pioneer, For Sale in 1999 For $45 Million; 15Mark Piggott, PACCAR CEO; 16Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-Founder; 17 – Evergreen Point; 18John N. Nordstrom, Former Nordstrom Director; 19James Sinegal, Costco Co-Founder; 20 – Former Home of Stan Sayres (1897-1956), “The Legend of Lake Washington,” Hunts Point, $20 Million Lot For Sale; 21Craig McCaw, Cellular Phone Pioneer and Former Home of Kenny G, Saxophonist; 22Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO; 23 – Former Home of  Leigh Hunt (1855-1933), Seattle Post-Intelligencer Founder and Publisher, Yarrow Point, $20 Million For Sale.