Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer on Lake Washington

Our summer on Lake Washington has been fantastic! Many of our family and friends have been boating with us aboard Happy Hours and rave about the experience. Comments from out-of-towners include, “Our most memorable day in the Seattle area.” Comments from locals include, “The best day of our summer.”

We had 38 outings with over 300 passengers. Many others have stepped aboard at a dock. Others have swum or boated over and climbed aboard. Everyone loves the water slide! We’ve relaxed viewing the Map of the Stars, just enjoying the lake, going to waterfront restaurants and sunset rides. We viewed houses for sale and sold with Realtors and their clients. We’ve hosted premium charity auction item outings.

We’ve had slow rides pulling the big tube and higher-speed extreme tubing and water skiing. Because the boat has flat decks and a fabulous stereo system, we’ve had wonderful dance parties on the boat. We've had fantastic party times on the boat with the flotillas at Boating Opening Day, the 4th of July on Lake Union, Seafair, University of Washington "sailgate" parties, and in the party coves of Andrews Bay, Meydenbauer Bay, Fairweather Bay, and Cozy Cove. Pictures are up on a new Happy Hours Picasa web album and a video is up on the Internet.

Because of all the above, I am way behind in posting to this blog. I will be catching up!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seattle’s Biggest Party

Lake Washington is famous for Seattle’s Seafair summer celebration.  This is a month long festival of many activities throughout Seattle and ends the first Sunday in August.  The final four days feature hydroplane races, the Navy’s Blue Angels’ air shows (previous post) and the Seattle area’s biggest party. Over a million people watch the Blue Angels and party on the water and shoreline.
During the Seafair air shows all the boats, except those tied to the log boom, between the I-90 Bridge and Seward Park must move out of this area. After the Friday through Sunday air shows, which is usually around , the boats return in mass. The party-on-the-water begins!
This is Seattle’s summer on-the-water version of Mardi Gras. Thousands of boats packed with partiers crowd the area. Most are in swimming suits and the babes are in bikinis. Some only wear the bottom part. Many with the tops on (sometimes) collect strings of beads Mardi Gras style.
Boats raft to other boats. The hydroplane races are the excuse but very few watch. Water fights with high powered water guns, hoses and water balloons are everywhere. Of course there is a lot of drinking. Over the last few years the police have cracked down on drinking while piloting a boat. Boats need to have a designated captain.
After the air-shows we make trips with our new boat, Happy Hours, to join the spectator fleet. Because of our location we have a head start versus the main flotilla. We provide water guns. Prepare to get wet if you wish to join us on these excursions.
Professional photographer, Bernard Zee, has a neat website with a lot of great photographs of 2009’s party-on-the-water.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seafair in Seattle

Lake Washington is famous for Seattle’s Seafair summer celebration.  This is a month long festival of many activities throughout Seattle and ends the first Sunday in August.  The final four days feature hydroplane races and the Navy’s Blue Angels’ air shows.  The hydroplane races are on the west side of the lake south of the I-90 floating bridge. The Stan S. Sayres Memorial Park, known as the “Sayres Pits” was established here in 1957. The pits are the launching, service and staging area for Seafair’s hydroplane racing boats.
The air show’s center is this area over the lake. The planes and their stunts can be seen from much of the lake and its shores.  During these four days the lake is crowded with spectator boats and the lake is renowned for the associated “floating party” or “Mardi Gras on the water.”
On Saturday and Sunday, August 6 and 7, The Navy F-18 air show begins at and the Blue Angels performance starts at (More information about the Blue Angels.)
Stan Sayres (1897-1956) was known as “The Legend of Lake Washington” and “The Fastest Man Afloat.”  He was selling and racing cars in northeastern Oregon in 1926 when he had his first experience with a power-boat.  He purchased a wrecked 40 mph outboard engine racing boat and began racing, designing and building race-boats.  He moved to Seattle in 1931 and in 1937 he bought a 91 mph racing boat that his wife named Slow Motion.  Stan changed the name to Slo-Mo-Shun, often called Slo-Mo.  Stan designed, developed and built new and faster Slo-Mos.  He moved to Hunts Point in the 1940s and built a 6,860 sq ft house on the tip of Hunts Point. (The house was demolished in 2008 and the vacant lot was sold March 31, 2011 for $14.8 million [see Seattle Mansions blog]). The neighbors in this sleepy community “enjoyed” (?) the roar and 30 ft rooster tails of his trials and practices.
He set his first boat-on-water speed record of 160+ mph in 1950 on LW and continued to set new records, all on LW, with his last at 178.497 mph in 1952.  After his first record he took Slo-Mo IV to Detroit and won the 1950 Gold Cup, boat racing’s biggest prize.  This was a big upset to the hydroplane establishment.  Stan brought hydroplane racing to LW in 1951 as part of the Seafair.  The first Seafair was in 1950 to celebrate the centennial of the first U.S.-European Seattle settlement.  The 1951 race was the first U.S. hydroplane race west of Detroit and was a huge success.  Stan became a local hero.  The races are now a Seafair tradition.  He received a lot of local backing for his racing against the Detroit establishment.  Slo-Mo-Shun IV and V won the next four Gold Cups.
We live in the Proctor Landing area of Mercer Island directly across the lake from the pits and the center of the big show. We and nearly all of our neighbors have Seafair parties over the week-end. The planes fly low directly over our dock. After the air-shows we will be making trips with our new boat, Happy Hours, to join the spectator fleet for Seattle’s Mardi Gras. For Seafair facts and history, go to Seafair’s site.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dykstra on TV

KING 5’s Evening Magazine featured me and the book Lake Washington 130 Homes on the Monday, 6/20/11, show. You can see it on the Internet.

“Move over Hollywood! Seattle now has its very own book plotting the houses of our rich and famous. Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, Bill Gates, you name it and it's likely here, showing you the where, when, and how of our most famous mansions. The book retails for $18, find more info at .”

Pontoons in Lake Washington

“Pontoons in Lake Washington” are much more than floating bridges. The new generation of luxury pontoon-trimarans are the perfect boats for Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. It is a luxury deck and party room on the water at the dock, floating or motoring. It is the perfect boat for Lake Washington Cruising and viewing the Map of the Stars homes.

On 5/7/11 Susan and I launched our new boat, “Happy Hours,” and, with our wonderful crew, we proceeded to Seattle’s Boating Opening Day celebration and boat parade and received the Alaska Airlines Trophy for 1st place in our class (Decorated Commercial).

Happy Hours is the first boat of its kind in the Seattle/Lake-Washington area. This is an Avalon luxury pontoon boat. It is sometimes called a party barge - but it will go 35+ mph and can pull water skiers. We go happy hours sightseeing in luxury or just float and with kids of all ages relaxing or playing on the water slide. It is also great extension of our dock. We now have a luxury cocktail lounge, sundeck and wet bar with refrigerator and blender at our dock.

I bought the boat from Tom’s Boat Shop at the Seattle Boat Show in February 2011. Tom opened his Seattle area dealership and showroom in Ballard in May 2011.

I have a Happy Hours blog with more information, including FREE RIDES and DOCK PARTIES. I apologize for being behind on posting to this blog due to the new boat and blog.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cruising Meydenbauer Bay and Groat Point – Southeast Medina and Western Bellevue

Page numbers on the map refer to Lake Washington 130 Homes.  This area covers pages 81 to 90.

Bellevue and its Meydenbauer Bay and Medina’s Groat Point are north of Mercer Island.  From MI and into the Bay you will enjoy wonderful views of Bellevue’s modern skyline.  The Eastside’s most prestigious yacht club, Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club, is at the eastern end of the bay.  The Medina-Bellevue border is at the north-west corner of Meydenbauer Bay.

Meydenbauer Bay and Groat Point are known for spectacular views and some of the prime properties on Lake Washington.  The Bay offers relatively protected waters and is a popular place for water skiers and boaters who like to idle or slowly cruise and enjoy the vistas.  In the afternoon the sun glistens off Mount Rainier to the south and the Bellevue glass high-rise buildings to the immediate east.

Some of this area’s most notable mansions include the spectacular former Groat Point home of Bruce McCaw and his neighbors, J. Lennox Scott and Richard DiCerchio. In Meydenbauer Bay NBA SuperSonics stars Detlef Schrempf and Jack Sikma used to live side-by-side.  (The previous 5/21/11 post has more information on these and other homes.)

Meydenbauer Bay is named after Bellevue’s first settler-developer, William Meydenbauer.  Meydenbauer was German born and came to Seattle in the mid 1800s.  In 1869 he rowed across Lake Washington, laid claim to 40 acres and built a cabin here.  One of the McGilvra family members of Madison Park (page 18) built the first house in this area on Groat Point (page 88) in the 1800s.

Bellevue” is French for “beautiful view.”  The city was incorporated in 1953 when there were approximately 10,000 residents.  The 2009 population is approximately 120,000 and it is projected to grow to 150,000 by 2050.  It is The Eastside’s business center and has an estimated daytime population of 180,000.  In 2008 CNNMoney named Bellevue number 42 in the “Best Places to Live” in the U.S. and number one in the state of Washington.  Most of the high rise office and residential buildings in downtown Bellevue were constructed during the past 15 years.  Many more are planned.

(This is the eighth chapter [go to next chapter] of our “Lake Washington Cruising” article. The chapters are being posted in reverse order.  When all chapters are posted they will be in order in this blog with the first chapter at the top.  I will be posting approximately two chapters per month.  You can read and print an abbreviated pdf version of the entire article.)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bellevue - Meydenbauer Bay East - Mansions

Mansions - South to Northwest
From the listing by Rondi Egenes and Sandy Nichols, Winderemere: “One of the loveliest estate parcels to become available in many years. 210 front feet on Lake Washington facing due west, with views of the Olympic Mountains, City of Seattle and a wide lake view. Two tax parcels with the house built on the south end of the property. This could be an easy lot line adjustment with two lots of 105 front feet with the house remaining on one parcel. Deep water moorage and a quiet location. The home has an excellent floor plan with attractive architecture.” The home is 5,080 sq ft on 1.1 acres with 210 feet of waterfront. It was owned by Don and Norene Lundgerg. Norene now owns it as Don passed away in 2011 at the age of 88. He had retired as the Founder and CEO of Bellevue based Lundberg Construction Company.
This mansion was listed for sale at $7.9 million in 2011, was lowered in early 2012 to $6.8 and later in the year taken off the market. It was listed by Joseph Brazen, Brazen Sotheby. “This Mediterranean is truly unique. Sitting above Lake Washington with 220 degree views. Spectacular finishes suited for your world class buyer. 500 year old hand carved entry, custom crafted cabinets carved by Romanian artists, marble, granite and wrought throughout. Panoramic views from every room.” The mansion is 10,210 sq ft on .67 acres with 84 feet of waterfront. This mansion is owned by Harish and Shalini Naidu. Harish is a Microsoft general manager.
The John J. and Donna Lugar Mediterranean mansion (p 83), built in 2005, is considered to be one of the most beautiful newer mansions on Lake Washington. It marks the southeast entrance to Meydenbauer Bay. John and Donna owned Bellevue based Data Base which they sold to Boston based Iron Mountain Inc. in 1999 for $115 million. Iron Mountain is the world’s largest records management company. At the time of the sale Data Base was the largest privately owned data-storage company in the nation. The Lugers started Data Base in a Tukwila warehouse in 1976.
Robert C. Blethen’s mansion was listed for sale for $5.8 million in early 2011, the price was lowered to $5.0 million and sold for $3.7 million 10/4/11. Robert is a retired Vice President of The Seattle Times and the cousin of Frank Blethen, publisher of The Seattle Times. The purchasers were John W. and Karen R. Culver. John is President of Starbucks Coffee China and Asia Pacific. Extensive remodeling has taken place since the purchase. The mansion was listed by Tere and David Foster, Windermere. “Normandy Manor on Shoreland Drive. Seattleites once traveled across the lake to access this property for weekend getaways. A winding drive now takes you where the spirit of yesteryear remains at this cherished estate with its vista set on the Seattle skyline and Olympic Mountains. Tasteful and well planned with grand formal spaces and intimate spaces filled with sunlight. A private dock and 97 feet of waterfront. A nostalgic past. A brilliant setting. Let your story begin!” The mansion is 5,560 sq ft on .52 acres.
This mansion is a landmark five-story Mediterranean villa at the entrance to Meydenbauer Bay. It is owned by Gary and Amy Williams. The mansion is listed by Wendy Lister, CBBain. “Meydenbauer arc of tremendous views and homes of substantiality. Mediterranean villa shining ~ a European Coastal signature. Immersed in endless breathtaking scapes of mountains, city, sunsets, sails, yachts. Recreating the spontaneity of romance. Aperitifs on the loggia; whispers of Sausalito on the shoreline. Pre-cast concrete beauty. Balustrade sentries; century door. Great elevations! Substantial deep water dock; seaplane adaptable. Elevator. 1st position owner financing offered.” The mansion is 6,290 sq ft on 0.18 acres with 62 feet of waterfront.
NBA SuperSonics stars Detlef Schrempf (page 85) and Jack Sikma (page 86) used to live side-by-side. During the 2006-07 basketball season senior Luke Sikma, son of Jack Sikma, and sophomore Alex Schrempf, son of Detlef Schrempf, played together on a dominating team at Bellevue High School.
Detlef and Marianne Schrempf sold their Meydenbauer Bay mansion 4/12/11 for $7.0 million to Yahn Bernier and Beth McCaw. It was listed at $8.5 million by Heidi Bright, Windermere: “Street to Waterfront Estate in phenomenal location, covering nearly one acre, with Rare, Private Deepwater Protected AND Covered Year-round Moorage for 60+ foot Yacht. PanoramicViews S, W, E. Home is newly constructed by Commercial Builder, like a fortress. Incredible Indoor-Outdoor Heated spaces. Beautiful Pacific NW + European Design Elements incl. 3 Fireplaces in the Great Room + Kitchen! Master Suite w/spacious BA + One-of-a-Kind Closet. Guest Wing + Bonus/Nannys Qtrs + a lot more!” The estate has 7,200 sq ft on 0.9 acres with 85 feet of waterfront. More information is in a 5/25/11 Seattle Mansions post. This lot with an older home was purchased in 2000 and a new home was built in 2003. Detlef starred for the SuperSonics from 1993 to 1999 and was an assistant coach for the team’s final 2006-08 seasons in Seattle. Yahn Bernier is Software Development Engineer at Bellevue based Valve Software. Beth McCaw is a Seattle based attorney.
Jack and Shawn Sikma built their mansion in 2001 by and sold it in 2005 to Mark J. Zbikowski for $6.7 million. Mark purchased another house in Yarrow Point in 2008 (p159 and 2/4/11 post). Jack is a former star for the Seattle SuperSonics, playing for them from 1977 to 1991 as center. His number 43 jersey was retired by the Sonics in 1992. He led the Sonics to the 1979 NBA championship and played in seven NBA All-Star Games. The mansion was listed for $8 million in 2009 and take off the market later that year. From the listing: “Exceptional waterfront property with 2001 built traditional home on beautiful grounds with charming carriage house, pool with spa & cabana, and sweeping views of Lake Washington. Winding drive with parking area. Gracious 3-level home with lovely formals; library; chefs kitchen; 2 family rooms; office; 5 bedrooms; 4.5+ baths; 5 fireplaces; exercise and project rooms. View terrace overlooking pool & 85 front feet of waterfront with dock. Carriage house with kitchen and 3/4 bath over 3-car garage.” The mansion is 7,420 sq ft on 0.69 acres with 85 feet of waterfront.
This mansion was listed for sale for $6 million in 2011, the price was lowered to $5.8 million in 2012 and sold for $5.4 million 6/13/12. It was purchased by Marvin B. and Sandra L. Beddoe from Anthony B. Ravani. The mansion was listed by Tere and David Foster, Windermere. “A private, gated drive greets your arrival as you enter this serene, street-to-water estate. Columns and arched windows draw in dramatic views of the Bay. Endless marble leads guests from room to room. A floating staircase, carefully crafted in San Francisco, is a work of art. Marble imported from Italy. Private screening room. Alfresco entertaining. Real stucco exterior. A true master retreat. Each room with a view. A Bender-Chaffey masterpiece.” The mansion is 6,280 sq ft on 0.7 acres with 80 feet of waterfront.
(updated 5/22/13)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Medina - Meydenbauer Bay West – Groat Point - Mansions

North to Southwest
The Medina-Bellevue border is at the northwest corner of Meydenbauer Bay
This mansion was listed for sale for $5.4 million in 2010, the price was lowered to $5.0 million in 2011 and sold for $4.2 million 5/25/11. It was purchased by David Treadwell III from Kenneth S. and Mary E. Greenbaum. The mansion was listed by Tere and David Foster, Windermere. “An awe-inspiring view of Mount Rainier is just one of the unique offerings of this rare, street-to-water property in Medina. Shy acre of grounds, expansive 160 feet of waterfront and gentle walk to water and beachfront. Existing structure offers 4800 square feet for renovation into a modern or contemporary estate. Or build new in this ideal setting on Meydenbauer Bay with an expansive dock. Conveniently located just minutes from the heart of downtown Bellevue. Enchantment at the Bay in Medina.”
Two separate waterfront properties were for sale for $5.0 million in 2011 and early 2012 and taken off the market in mid 2012. The properties were listed by Mansor Baghshomali, Skyline. “These are two separate waterfront homes street to water and tax parcels that sit side by side on Meydenbauer Bay. Each property has 50' of waterfront along with dock and boat house which they could be replaced with a huge dock for deep water moorage. Total square ft. is .548 acre. Also included in the package are all the topography, maps, surveys, geo-tech, civil engineering, architectural design as well as construction of 100 ft. new dock.” These properties are owned by Behzad Davadar and Hayedeh Sharifi.
This mansion has been listed for sale since 2011 for $8.9 million by Tere and David Foster, Windermere. “A brilliant vantage point draws in expansive views of city lights, the lake & Mount Rainier. A dramatic chandelier. Walls of glass. Luxurious finishes juxtaposed with casual spaces for the way we live today. Vast proportions with an airiness to each room. From when the sun rises to when the sun sets, your seats are center stage as the city comes to life. The pinnacle of waterfront living with 160 feet of waterfront, private dock with 2 places for a boat and 2 jet ski lifts, a guest house and garages for 6 cars. Private theatre, billiards room, master suite with private deck are just a few features of this refined estate.” The mansion is 7,140 sq ft on 0.6 acres with 160 ft of waterfront. Its listed ownership is confusing. Thomas A. Ellison, his sister (Debbie Ellison Bacon) and her husband (John Bacon) are on the records. It was (and may still be) Debbie’s and John’s home. Ellison, his father, Bill Ellison (the founder of the company), and Bacon were the principal owners of Bellevue-based Savers, Inc. The company is an international chain of thrift stores and operates under the name of Value Village in the PNW. In 2000 Bill Ellison and Bacon sold their interest to Boston based Berkshire Partners LLC for $45 million. John and Debbie Ellison Bacon established the multimillion dollar Bacon Family Foundation that supports local children and family organizations. The Bacons purchased Bruce McCaw’s former Groat Point Mansion (see next paragraph and Seattle Mansions 2/21/13 post).
Bruce McCaw sold, for $15.3 million, his Medina Groat Point estate in January 2011 (Seattle Mansions 2/13/11 post) to a trustee for John E. and Debbie Ellison Bacon (see previous paragraph). This was the highest priced sale of Lake Washington waterfront property in 2011. The property was listed for sale in 2009 for $34 million and dropped to $27 million in 2010. The listing agent was Terre Foster, Windermere – “The Grand Point of Medina. A landmark offered for the first time this century. Commanding 527 feet of some of the most coveted waterfront in the world, the Chateau takes its place among the great estates in the Northwest. Regal grounds split into expansive views.” The estate has 13,940 sq ft on 1.89 acres with 527 feet of waterfront, 6 bedrooms and 9 baths. This is considered one of Lake Washington’s premiere lots. The buildings were demolished in 2012 (Seattle Mansions 2/21/13 post).
Groat Point was subdivided into multiple lots in the mid 1900s. The property and mansion on the southwest corner of the Point is owned by J. Lennox Scott (page 89). Lennox is Chairman and CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate. The company was founded in 1931 by his grandfather and has become one of the largest and most successful regional real estate companies in the nation. The mansion is 7,190 sq ft on 0.6 acres with 155 ft of waterfront.
Costco Sr Ex VP and COO, Richard DiCerchio’s, mansion was listed for sale for $11.3 million in early 2011, lowered to $10.3 million later in the year and taken off the market in 2012. It was listed by Wendy Lister, CBBain. “High-impact views...collective architectural strategic design interactive with Olympic peaks, Seattle's painted spires, incomparable Mt. Rainier. A greatroom inspiration...the powerful command center...tremendous, sleek overscale cuisine bar; astonishing floor to ceil window hoisted by crane. Nana w all at waterside opens the brilliant fireside Nutron lit pool for fresh air moonlight/sunshine swims. Movies, sport bar. Alfresco kitchen/BBQ. Deep water dock. Influential, unequaled Groat Point!” The mansion has 9,000 sq ft on 0.65 acres with 118 feet of waterfront. More information is on the Seattle Mansions 2/15/11 post.
(Updated 2/22/13)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cruising Medina’s South Coast and Lake Washington

Page numbers on the map refer to Lake Washington 130 Homes.  This area covers pages 91 to 104.

Medina’s south coast is known for its spectacular homes.  After Gates’ estate, the most popular LW mansion viewing site is the cove northwest of Groat Point.  This is the location of Charles Simonyi’s “Windows 2000 House” (page 4 and 94), Nathan Myhrvold’s “T-Rex House”(page 97)  and Jeff and Susan Brotman’s “Their Art House” (page 98).  Please see earlier 5/4/11 post for summary information about these mansions.

William G. “Gary” Jr. and Victoria Reed sold their 8,600 sq ft Medina home (page 100) on 5.35 acres for $22 million in 2009.  This is the most expensive Lake Washington home sale since Lake Washington 130 Homes was published. The home in the cove between Simonyi and Myhrvold is for sale for $5.9 million.  Please see earlier 5/3/11 post for summary information about these mansions.

Miller Freeman (page 88) was one of the early community leaders in the early 1900s and was instrumental in establishing the early schools.  In the early 1900s the area was primarily farms.  Overlake Country Club was built inland in 1920 just up the hill from here and within what is now the city limits.  It was and still is a highly rated golf course and club.  It was originally a popular week-end retreat for Seattleites and is now the country club for residents of Medina and the surrounding Eastside communities.

Medina was incorporated in 1955.  It remained a sleepy community until the development of downtown Bellevue and Microsoft in Redmond began in the 1980s.  This waterfront became very popular and values skyrocketed.  Medina has two public elementary schools and the city is in the Bellevue school district.  Please see earlier 4/15/11 post for more Medina information.

(This is the ninth chapter [go to next chapter] of our “Lake Washington Cruising” article. The chapters are being posted in reverse order.  When all chapters are posted they will be in order in this blog with the first chapter at the top.  I will be posting approximately two chapters per month.  You can read and print an abbreviated pdf version of the entire article.)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Medina South - Mansions

South to Northwest
Medina’s south coast is known for its spectacular homes. After Gates’ estate, the most popular LW mansion viewing site is the cove northwest of Groat Point. This is the location of the “Windows 2000 House,” “T-Rex House” and “Their Art House.”
This mansion is 10,250 sq ft on 0.96 acres with 120 feet of waterfront. It is the home of Charles M. and Yvonne Pigott. Charles was President and CEO of Bellevue-based PACCAR, Inc. He led the company from 1965 to when he retired in 1996. PACCAR is now recognized as the truck manufacturing world leader and has numerous manufacturing facilities in the greater Seattle area. The company was founded by Charles’ grandfather, William Pigott, Sr., in 1905. Charles’ son, Mark Pigott (page 113), became Chairman and CEO in 1997.
Former Microsoft executive, Charles Simonyi, owns the mansion which has more windows than any other home on this lake. The house picked up its name when Microsoft introduced Windows 2000. Charles Simonyi is a Hungarian-born former Microsoft executive. His former girl-friend, from the 1980s until 2008, was Martha Stewart. He later met Lisa Persdotter, a Swedish socialite, and they got engaged on 08/08/08. He was 60 and she was 28 at the time. Their wedding in Gothenburg, Sweden, following three days of celebrations, was attended by neighbor Bill Gates. Simonyi was one of the initial commercial astronauts and the first commercial outer space frequent flyer. The mansion is 19,000 sq ft on 1.3 acres with 300 feet of waterfront. (For more information see Seattle Mansions May 2011 post and pages 4 and 94).
This property was listed at $7.9 million in 2009, $6.5 million in 2010 and $5.9 million since 2011. It is listed by Wendy Lister and Kirsten Paulsen, CBBain. “Platinum lakefront...southwest Gold Coast. Unsurpassed wade-in waterfront. Summertime marine amphitheatre...growing up or slowing down fitness rowing...sailboats in the bay...genius pool setting. Acknowledging classic sensitivity: full coach house with kitchen, terra cotta morning courtyard, French doors; solarium; shutters, knot gardens. A Medina generation home saluting its giant neighbors...retaining the irreplaceable charm of the past.” This home is on page 96 in LW 130 Homes. It is nestled in Medina’s southwestern cove between some of the area’s most spectacular mansions. It is owned by David and Judith McGrath and has 6,200 sq ft of 0.6 acres with 42 feet of waterfront.
Another former Microsoft executive, Nathan Myhrvold, owns the T-Rex House (page 97 and Seattle Mansions 2/22/10 post). Nathan used some of his Microsoft multimillions to fund a dinosaur bone digging foundation. Inside the big rounded windows of his living room you can see one of the t-rex skeletons he helped dig up. He co-founded Bellevue-based Intellectual Ventures in 2000 and the company has been featured in recent news. He is a prize winning nature and wildlife photographer and a master French chef, occasionally working as an assistant chef at top-of-the-line restaurants. The mansion is 19,600 sq ft on 2.0 acres with 115 feet of waterfront.
Costco co-founder and Chairman, Jeff and Susan Brotman own the mansion (page 98) known as “Their Art House” that includes monumental art pieces. The louvers on the front (water side) and roof of the house adjust to provide the optimum natural light on the extensive art collection. Jeff and Susan Brotman hosted lunch with Michelle Obama at their Medina mansion on October 25, 2010 (see Seattle Mansions 10/24/10 post). The $7,500 per plat lunch was a fundraiser for US Senator Patty Murray’s (Democrat Washington) reelection. President Obama returned to the Brotmans for a $17,900 per plate fundraising brunch on February 17, 2012 (2/9/12 Seattle Mansions post). The mansion is 11,500 sq ft on 2.35 acres with 215 feet of waterfront.
William G. “Gary” Jr. and Victoria Reed sold their 8,600 sq ft Medina mansion on 5.35 acres with 305 feet of waterfront (page 100 in Lake Washington 130 Homes) in September 2009. The estate features a waterfront tennis court and fabulous lawns and gardens. They moved to their new mansion in Madison Park. This and the Bezos' property at 5.35 acres each are the largest waterfront properties in Medina. See Seattle Mansions Blog for the sale and new mansion. The recorded buyer was Blue Water Realty LLC whose principals are Gary’s son and daughter, Doug Reed and Sarah Reed. Gary is the retired Chairman of Simpson Investment. He is the grandson of Mark Edward Reed who is the first of the Reeds to run Simpson Investment that is owned by the Reed/Mosley families. Gary grew up on the Reed Estate in Madison Park that was the early 1900s LW waterfront estate that was larger than the current Gates and Allen compounds. The estate was subdivided into nine lots and Howard Schultz is the most prominent resident on the old estate. (see 4/23/12 post).
This home was listed for $5.9 million in 2012 and lowered to $5.3 million in 2013. From the listing by Leo Van Hollebeke and Tere Foster, Windermere: “Expansive views & privacy in the heart of Medina. Enjoy 105 ft of south-facing beachfront, looking out to snowcapped mountains, Lake Washington, & nearby cities. Sited on almost 3/4 of an acre, mature lawns provide privacy for the ultimate in serenity & quiet. Clean lines & walls of windows reflect sparkling blue waters in this mid-century modern rambler. Entertain on the view patio leading out to the private dock. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on one of the most desired streets in Medina.” The home is 3,120 sq ft on 0.7 acres with 105 feet of waterfront. It is owned by John R. Biddle. He acquired the property from the estate of his mother, Mona Louise Biddle, when she passed away in 2011 at the age of 85. Her deceased husband, Brooks Biddle (1924-1999), was the founder of Bothell based Brooks Biddle Automotive, Inc. and a well-known football player at UW.
(Updated 5/23/13)
(Page numbers refer to Lake Washington 130 Homes)