Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cruising Medina’s South Coast and Lake Washington

Page numbers on the map refer to Lake Washington 130 Homes.  This area covers pages 91 to 104.

Medina’s south coast is known for its spectacular homes.  After Gates’ estate, the most popular LW mansion viewing site is the cove northwest of Groat Point.  This is the location of Charles Simonyi’s “Windows 2000 House” (page 4 and 94), Nathan Myhrvold’s “T-Rex House”(page 97)  and Jeff and Susan Brotman’s “Their Art House” (page 98).  Please see earlier 5/4/11 post for summary information about these mansions.

William G. “Gary” Jr. and Victoria Reed sold their 8,600 sq ft Medina home (page 100) on 5.35 acres for $22 million in 2009.  This is the most expensive Lake Washington home sale since Lake Washington 130 Homes was published. The home in the cove between Simonyi and Myhrvold is for sale for $5.9 million.  Please see earlier 5/3/11 post for summary information about these mansions.

Miller Freeman (page 88) was one of the early community leaders in the early 1900s and was instrumental in establishing the early schools.  In the early 1900s the area was primarily farms.  Overlake Country Club was built inland in 1920 just up the hill from here and within what is now the city limits.  It was and still is a highly rated golf course and club.  It was originally a popular week-end retreat for Seattleites and is now the country club for residents of Medina and the surrounding Eastside communities.

Medina was incorporated in 1955.  It remained a sleepy community until the development of downtown Bellevue and Microsoft in Redmond began in the 1980s.  This waterfront became very popular and values skyrocketed.  Medina has two public elementary schools and the city is in the Bellevue school district.  Please see earlier 4/15/11 post for more Medina information.

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