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Medina Southwest - Mansions

South to North

Medina’s West Coast is Know as CEO Row. Many of the CEOs and founders of the area’s leading companies have homes on Medina’s west coast between Dabney Point and the SR520 Bridge. Bill Gates is the best known. At the southern end of this coast, side-by-side, are three of the most prominent homes on some of Medina’s largest waterfront estates. Dabney Point is home to Medina’s beach park, city hall and police department. Around the point and to the north, on the western shore of Medina, are the side-by-side (pages 110-112) expansive Bezos, La Haye and Grinstein multi-mansioned estates.
Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney attended fund raisers in Medina on June 4, 2012. The evening $25,000 per person event was at the waterfront mansion of Wayne and Christine Perry. More information is in Seattle Mansions 12/17/12 Post. Wayne is National President of the Boy Scouts of America and former President of McCaw Cellular and a co-founder of the Seattle-based Monroe & Perry law firm which evolved into the prominent Stokes Lawrence firm. He was a Cub Scout as a young boy and has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America ever since. Previous Boy Scouts positions include president of the Chief Seattle Council and president of the Western Region. He was named International Commissioner in 2006 and National President in 2012. He also has an ownership interest in the Seattle Mariners. The mansion is 9,450 sq ft on 0.7 acres with 92 feet of waterfront.
Gerald Grinstein (page 110) is the former CEO of Delta Airlines and Burlington Northern Railroad. This is the site of one Jack Sikma’s (NBA star) former homes. Bill Gates rented here when his house was being built. The mansion is 14,030 sq ft on 2 acres with 175 feet of waterfront.
Peter La Haye (page 111) is the deceased inventor and developer of cataract implant lenses. He tagically died in a 1999 private plane accident. At the time the complex was listed for sale for $45 million and was written up in The Wall Street Journal as one of the most expensive U.S. homes for sale. The mansion is 24,130 sq ft on 5.1 acres with 372 feet of waterfront.
Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO and founder, (pages 105 and 112) is the northern most of these three famous estates. Bezos recently completed a $28 million home improvement. More information is on the Seattle Mansions blog. Two mansions and a caretaker’s home total 29,000 sq ft on 5.3 acres with 310 feet of waterfront. This and another (Reed, page 100) lot of the same size are the largest waterfront lots in Medina.
This home was listed for sale in 2011 for $5.4 million. It was taken off the market in 2012. The home was listed by Wendy Lister, CBBain: “Many say it ~ few can claim it ~ On the 50 yard line at waters edge! Medina's finest seat. Adventure films of tag in the sky...mysteries of rich red rubies at dusk...jagged ice blue peaks. Parading a NW strength; forming a bond with nature. Oak floors; fir trim; main floor guest ste. Formal dinner room; library; convertible bonus; lovely updated kitchen. Rare, ample cul de sac accommodates colossal private parking...at base of privacy hill. Plan your parties. 150ft dock ~ 5000lb lift; 2nd slip.” The home is 4,050 sq ft on 0.8 acres with 106 feet of waterfront. The property is owned by Dr. Robert H. Rudolph. He is retired and specialized in oncology (cancer) with Virginia Mason and was a professor at UW.
This home was listed for sale in 2009 for $7.8 million. It was sold 3/31/11 for $6.4 million. The home was listed by Kathryn Lister, CBBain: “A Tuscan treasure sited at the 50 yard view line focused on spectacular cityscapes of towers and neonic hues, snowcapped Olympic peaks, full breadth of Lake Washington. 115’ of superb level shore lands; new dock being installed. An interior arcade of satin smooth Doric columns, Roman arches heeding a sense of scale and light. Incorporating the framework for a home that should be lived in; terrific indoor play spaces; a fresh air pool pavilion and fireplace at waters edge. The genius of privacy.” The mansion is 6,320 sq ft on 0.7 acres with 116 feet of waterfront. It is about ½ mile south of Bill Gates’ compound. The property is owned by Chun Yang and was purchased from Hung Nguyen.
Further north is the must see, Bill Gates compound (pages 118 and 119). More information about his annual very exclusive “CEO Summit” and his personal “Convention Center” are in a separate post.
Other CEOs/Presidents who own homes on this coast include James Sinegal (Costco and page 108), Mark Piggot (PACCAR and page 113), and Jon Shirley (former Microsoft and page 120).
Page Numbers refer to Lake Washington 130 Homes.

The tour of Lake Washington Map of the Stars® Mansions continues with Bill Gates and Medina Northwest - Mansions.

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