Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lake Washington Map of the StarsTM

Lake Washington Map of the StarsTM
Map not to scale.
Present and Past Residents/Owners: 

1Howard  Schultz, Starbucks Founder; 2Colin Moseley, Simpson Chairman;  Gary Reed, Former Simpson Chairman; 3 – Former Home of Keith McCaw, Cellular Phone Pioneer;  Rob Glaser, RealNetworks Founder; Peter Rose, Expeditors CEO; 4Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder;  5 – Mercer Island’s newest $28 Million Mansion For Sale; 6 – Lake Washington 2009 Sale, $15.7 Million; 7 –$22 Million For Sale; 8 – $22  Million For Sale, Groat Point; 9Charles Piggott, Former PACCAR CEO; 10Charles Simonyi, The “Windows 2000 House”; 11Nathan Myhrvold, The “T-Rex House”; 12Jeffrey Brotman, Costco Co-Founder; 13 – Mansion sold in 2009 for $22 Million by  William “Gary” Reed, Jr, Former Simpson Chairman; 14Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder; Former Home of Peter La Haye (1940-1999), Cataract Lenses Pioneer, For Sale in 1999 For $45 Million; 15Mark Piggott, PACCAR CEO; 16Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-Founder; 17 – Evergreen Point; 18John N. Nordstrom, Former Nordstrom Director; 19James Sinegal, Costco Co-Founder; 20 – Former Home of Stan Sayres (1897-1956), “The Legend of Lake Washington,” Hunts Point, $20 Million Lot For Sale; 21Craig McCaw, Cellular Phone Pioneer and Former Home of Kenny G, Saxophonist; 22Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO; 23 – Former Home of  Leigh Hunt (1855-1933), Seattle Post-Intelligencer Founder and Publisher, Yarrow Point, $20 Million For Sale.

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