Friday, March 11, 2011

Cruising Fairweather Bay and Lake Washington

Michael Mastro’s Former Mansion – Sold For $9.1 Million

Olson Mansion – “The Bellisima” – For Sale $14.1 Million
Cruising north along Medina's west coast you cross under the east side of the SR-520 Bridge.  The next point is Evergreen Point, still Medina, with Fairweather Bay on the other side.  Michael Mastro’s former mansion is one of the prominent homes on the northwestern shore of Evergreen Point.  The mansion was sold for $9.1 million by the bankruptcy court in November 2010.  My Seattle Mansions blogs, dated 11/10/10, 10/11/10 and 11/12/09, provide additional information on the Mastro bankruptcy and “family and friends” investors.  His bankruptcy was one of the largest in Seattle’s history. 
Hunts Point is on the east side of the bay where Nordstrom family members, Scott Oki (former Microsoft executive and now the area’s golf mogul) and James Sinegal (Costco co-founder and CEO) have spectacular mansions with beautiful landscaping.
In the center of the western shore of Hunts Point is the 10,000 sq ft Olson mansion, “The Bellisima,” that is listed for sale for $14.1 million.
Hunts Point is the wealthiest community in the state.  Eighty percent of the community’s homes are on the two sides of the point with one acre plus lots extending from the water to the one road in the center of the point.  The lots are low bank and noted for fabulous landscaping.
The above photographs of the mansions are from pages 126 and 136 in my book, Lake Washington 130 Homes.

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