Monday, February 27, 2012

Andrews Bay – Anchoring and Partying

Mount Rainier and Andrews Bay from the I-90 Bridge
Paul Allen’s estate is across a narrow part of the Lake from Seattle’s Seward Park. From many lake locations the park appears to be an island but it is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The park is 300 acres of old growth forest with eagles’ nests, a 2.4 mile biking and walking trail circumventing the park, interior trails, numerous picnicking and play areas, an amphitheater, a native plant garden and an art studio.
Andrews Bay is the only place in Lake Washington that is authorized (by the government agencies that patrol the lake) for overnight anchoring. The Bay is north of the isthmus and well protected. The floating bridges reduce the waves from the summer’s prevailing winds which are light and from the north. The park’s peninsula protects the bay during the days and nights when the weather is less than perfect and winds and waves come from the southwest.
Andrews Bay is a popular spot for anchoring, swimming in 75° fresh water, having boat parties and spending the nights on summer weekends. It reminds me of my sailing days in Southern California and mooring in Catalina’s harbors and bays. Seward Park has a rocky beach on the north side of the isthmus (south end of Andrews Bay) where boaters can beach their dinghies and go ashore to enjoy the beauty and activities of the park. The Bay is also known as “Cocktail Cove” and “Party Bay.” It has its own “Andrews Bay Yacht Club.” You can go the link and, if you are a Facebook member, click “like” and become a member.
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