Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mercer Island Northwest Mansions - Index - Nordstrom, Lytle, Galanti, Berg, Glazer, Ellison et al.

The following mansions are in earlier posts in this blog along with information about the mansions and their owners. Click on the highlighted heading or first picture to go to the respective posts.
Berg, Galanti, Dillon, Lytle, Edwards et al. Mansions
East to West
Simpson, Sasaki et al. Mansions
North to South
Proctor Landing, Stroum-Glazer, Ellison, Nordstrom et al. Mansions
North to South
       (Updated 5/19/13)
Page numbers refer to Lake Washington 130 Homes
Click on Mercer Island Southwest Mansions – Index for the index for mansions to the south.


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